I help the most interesting businessmen in the world step into the spotlight with their soul's masterpiece.

Masterpiece Mentorship


-You must have a mission that raises collective consciousness
-You must be willing to challenge every belief and paradigm you hold dear
-You must be committed to creating and exposing your soul's masterpiece to the world

You are a good fit if you:
-Are a creative genius/naturally gifted at one or many things
-Have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and growth
-Are a natural-born leader

-Want a coach but do not need one
-Can not be put in a box and have some difficulty integrating everything together into one brand
-Have felt out of place and/or that something is different about you
-Have a compulsive personality
-Are lighthearted
-Are an adventurer, explorer and risk-taker
-Have an extremely fast mind
-Are a messenger

If you want:
-to align with your Truth and create your masterpiece
-to feel powerful with your money, relationships, sex, health, and creative expression

-to expand your impact
-to express your spirit and step into the spotlight

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Michael Miller - Creative Genius Mentor

I help men align with what their soul's masterpiece, put a flag in the ground, create it, launch it and serve the world. 

Somewhere deep down you know it is time to play a bigger game and leave behind what you think you’re capable of; to destroy the story you have about why you can’t; to eliminate the story that you have too much on your plate to write that book, launch that business, create a TV show or speak that TedTalk.

There is no time for you to continue treading water. The world needs you and now is the time to let your creative genius flow!