You can accelerate your income by unleashing your creativity and having more fun.

Michael Patrick Miller

Meet Michael Miller

Michael is a Peak Performance Coach who specializes in working with creative men, who have an urgent desire to accelerate their income by mastering sales and unleashing their creativity.

His unique approach to Performance Coaching comes from his background in psychology, Chemical Engineering and ontology. Michael uses pattern recognition to build awareness to help people overcome limitations and experience more freedom in sales conversations and life. This approach helps people reach their highest potential and experience holistic success: unbound creativity, wealth passion, connection, and fulfillment.

His personal journey led him to explore life coaching, sales training, business coaching, leadership consulting, shamanism, and mindfulness. He combines these modalities with over 10 years experience in the fields of entrepreneurship and personal development, to bring his clients lasting and sustainable change.

Peak Performance Coaching

I coach people who have an urgent desire to give more and get more.

The desires in your heart are there because it is part of your purpose.

I help men fulfill these desires and step further into what they are meant to be doing and giving the world. 

Within weeks, you will learn how to tap into creativity flow states, overcome your subconscious limitations and demand more than you felt comfortable.

I work with a small handful of clients at one time.

If you want:
-To master sales and dramatically increase your income
-To have a massive positive impact on the world
-To feel alive, fulfilled and creatively expressed
-To live an adventurous life
-To have better sex and a deeper spiritual connection


Team Training & Consulting

We take leadership and sales teams to the next level. Permanently. 

You know that your team can perform at a much higher level.

You want to arm them with new tools, skills and mindsets that allow for this growth.

I work with a team of extraordinary leadership, communications and sales consultants.

We create custom programs and trainings to increase revenue and develop a winning culture. 

We've worked with multinational organizations as well as small entrepreneurial firms. 

We will assess your needs and help you unlock the untapped potential of your All-Star team.


What Clients Say

"As a result of working with Michael, I not only started to sing again, I birthed my second book, have had record months in business, and have learned some powerful new tools to use with my own coaching clients." - Alan Cohen

"In the four months I worked with Michael, I began writing my first book, created and taught my first 3-day course, and took a new business from 5k/month to 75k/month." - Dave Burns

“Michael helped me go from $1500/month to $4000 a day! He helped me more than double my rates and explode my business in just a few weeks. This enabled me to meet my wife and put together a band for the first time ever!" - Joe Johnson

"We got really deep into what I want out of my life and I now understand my purpose and my true self. I know what I’m here to do. I wrote a bestselling book, led virtual summits and built my business online." - Scott Tucker

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