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Dave Burns
Alan Cohen, Executive Coach AND Author
In the four months I worked with Michael, I began writing my first book, created and taught my first 3-day course, and took a new business from 5k/month to 75k/month.

As for the intangibles, he helped me gain a level of clarity, direction, power, play, integrity, integration, and uninhibited expression in my life that has been undeniable and profoundly impactful— in my business, my relationships, and my inner life.

I’ll always be grateful for the work we did together, and would encourage anyone to work with him who’s looking to unite all of life into a single, coherent masterpiece. It’s possible, and this man knows how.
— Dave Burns,
“My name is Alan Cohen and I am a 55 year old professional coach, living in Manhattan with my husband of 30 years, and an incorrigible Wheaton Terrier. I am a native New Yorker from a big, loving, Jewish family. I value above all things Communication, Connection, Creativity, Empathy and my ability to pretty much do anything I set my mind to achieving. I am loyal beyond words, and have committed my life to bringing joy to the world.
When I started working with Michael a year ago I had never before invested so much time and energy into a coaching relationship. To make that kind of commitment – a full year at the minimum – was in itself a significant breakthrough in trust and belief in the power of coaching.

As a coach myself I was not a novice in being coached and the coaching process. A main reason for me to choose Michael as my coach was his fearlessness , and ability to enroll people in creating something bigger in their lives.
While initially I thought that what I was hiring Michael to help me grow my business, after an extended period of stagnation, I received so much more. Through weekly, hour long sessions over the past year, I was able to fully examine my beliefs around money, relationships, leadership, self expression, and spirituality – areas I had never really delved into in the past. I had breakthroughs in all of these areas, and as a result, had significant clarity about what I wanted to do, and become in the world. I had breakthroughs in leadership, as well. What I enjoyed about Mike’s process is the blend of exploring and inquiring into how I see the world, as well as committing to practices week to week to anchor new learnings and awareness. I also was introduced to an ontological process, around my way of being, which was different from other coaching styles I had been exposed to in the past.

As a result of working with Michael, I not only started to sing again, I birthed my second book, have had record months in business, and have learned some powerful new tools to use with my own coaching clients. I also completed my certification as a recovery coach, and am leading my first sober retreat.

I am proud that Michael is a significant part of my power team now, as a coach, and also friend. Michael is 20 years my junior, and yet he embodies a kind of wisdom and heart that I have rarely witnessed in someone his age. He has helped me breakthrough on so many levels. I love and cherish him, and recommend him highly to anyone looking to transform their lives. My life was already good. He helped me become great!”

- Alan Cohen, Executive Coach and Author

“I’m only about, just a little over halfway through our coaching and I know that this year will affect the rest of my life. So I just want to say thank you to Michael, and I want to say thank you to you for even considering working with Michael. I had a huge fear around doing it but sometimes when you notice resistance and fear around something, you know that that thing will probably be one of the most beneficial steps that you can take in your life.

- Jason Harris, Spirit Trainer at SYN Health & Earth LLC

“Our work together stretched me beyond my comfort zone and that stretching showed up in the bottom line of my business. It’s actually translating into a difference, into money in a direct way. I have a deep knowing that this growth will have a massive impact on my business and life going forward. Every conversation something incredible comes out. My confidence, vision and plan for going forward are all internally sourced. Michael helped me create a stronger foundation for who I am as a coach, a business person and man.

- Bob Schwenkler, Life & Relationship Coach,

Bob Schwenkler, high achieving sensitive men

Joe johnson, multi-passionate leader and coach
“Michael helped me go from <$1500/month to $4000 in a day! He has helped me double my rates and explode my business in just a few weeks. He empowered me to instantly increase my coaching rates and I came to know myself as much more bold and courageous than before. This enabled me to grow my business, get a girlfriend and put together a band for the first time ever! Working with Michael was a blast! ”

- Joe Johnson, Health Coach Institute / Holistic MBA

Danny madaroski, life coach
“Working with Michael was a life changing experience. His ability to see and stand for my greatness amongst growing circumstances that felt impossible to overcome, Michael (through his love, being and powerful questioning), was able to facilitate greater awareness around the survival habits I had built up over the years, which would be the catalyst for bringing about the transformation.

I became empowered doing something I’m passionate about which was only a distant dream and something I would talk about doing someday beforehand.

I now consider Michael my coach, friend and someone I truly respect and love and I thank him for coming into my life.”

- Danny Madaroski, Life Coach

scott tucker, be financially fit
“I’m an entrepreneur and finance coach that values my independence and knowing what I’m here on earth to do. I am wacky, creative, imaginative and hungry for growth. Week in and week out I could count on Michael to be there for whatever I needed.
We got really deep into what I want out of my life and I now understand my purpose and my true self. I know what I’m here to do. I wrote a bestselling book, led virtual summits and built my business online.
There are still struggles but I honor the struggle now. I am unorganized and make stupid decisions but I have a clear path ahead of me. I live outside my comfort zone. I consider him a close friend and mentor. ”

 - Scott Tucker, Be Financially Fit

"My name is Garrett Philbin and I am the founder of Be Awesome Not Broke, and a financial life coach who helps millennials not suck at money. When I joined Michael’s program it was early on in my business and I was doing a lot of work but not getting new clients. I had a fear of reaching out to people directly, a very, I would say, intense fear of selling. I definitely didn’t want to come across as “sales-y”.
Life now is pretty sweet. My business revenue is going way up and the most important part, is the mindset shift - I am a whole lot different than where I was a year ago. Michael helped me re-frame how I saw selling selling and remove my fears of being “salesy” and "pushy". I speak from a much more genuine and authentic place about what I do that has other people become super interested in."

- Garrett Philbin, Founder of Be Awesome Not Broke and Financial Life Coach